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The LEAP Masters Forum® brings the best practices from your monthly LEAP® experience combined with the best from the monthly C-level forum group “CEO Masters Forum®” to offer an opportunity for exponential professional growth. Peer forums like the CEO Masters Forum® have proven to be an invaluable tool to business leaders for over 60 years. The consistent benefits of peer forum participation are substantial in terms of professional effectiveness, personal growth, and financial outcomes. 

· Perspective, insight, support from a trusted group of leaders. 

· Timely, confidential assistance on current issues and opportunities. 

· Relevant and timely content on professional development delivered by subject matter experts.

· Increased confidence when facing sensitive issues and tough conversations.

· Increased professional effectiveness.

· Accountability for taking action to learn and grow. 

· Dedicated time to work “on” your leadership capabilities.

LEAP Masters Forum® is only available to graduates of the LEAP® program.  The structure is a 4-hour monthly meeting, 10-months per year, perpetual Forum of up to 12 Members.

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