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LEAP Leadership Acceleration Program



LEAP is a proven, customized, Fortune 500-level leadership acceleration program for individuals and teams with a 15+ year track record of transformational performance outcomes. We are focused on applied knowledge rather than theory and utilize cohort learning to leverage formal and informal competency inputs. We work with candidates that are on a trajectory for the director, VP, EVP, and C-level positions. LEAP candidates are assessed at the beginning, midpoint, and conclusion of the academy to measure progress and guide learning topic selection. LEAP is specifically designed for medium and smaller firms who need to strategically outsource leadership development. From one candidate to hundreds, LEAP has a solution for you and your firm. MBA credit available. 

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Comments from LEAP Alumnus

I thoroughly enjoyed my association with Tim during my time in the 1-year LEAP Academy program. He brought the wealth of business and leadership expertise and wisdom I expected but added a warmth, sincerity, and authenticity that I believe has become increasingly uncommon in today's society and business environment. I looked forward to what I would learn each month, and I grew and evolved as a leader through not only what was presented in the program but also through Tim's genuine interest in me and my goals, including the personalized guidance he offered in 1:1 meetings to overcome specific challenges and take advantage of key opportunities. I would recommend Tim to anyone. In fact, I have already enrolled one of my employees in his program.  

Jeff B., Director

I recently completed the LEAP Leadership Training Program run by Tim, and it was excellent! He has a wonderful ability to bring out the best in up-and-coming leaders, to help them see their strengths and weaknesses clearly, and to appreciate that we are all people who are doing the best we can for ourselves and our companies. I looked forward to each LEAP session, both to interact with Tim as well as my fellow leaders-in-training. It was a valuable learning experience that I recommend to anyone looking to make the first - or next - step in becoming a great leader. 

Sanjay G., CTO